OpenPix is the world's first Pix First platform

With all the technology available today, financial services are increasingly innovative and accessible. And OpenPix is a platform that is ahead of its time, being the world's first Pix First platform!


But what is Pix First?

It's simply the OpenPix philosophy, which puts Pix at the forefront of all its processes. The platform was created to encourage the use of Pix, making it more convenient, safe and efficient than other forms of payment.

With OpenPix, users have access to an incredible financial transaction experience. With its exclusive features, the platform allows users to send and receive payments quickly, conveniently and with additional benefits, such as discounts and cashback.

Why should companies be Pix First?

Being Pix First can bring several advantages to companies. Firstly, Pix is a fast, secure and efficient payment method, which means businesses can sell faster than with other payment methods.

In addition, Pix can also reduce costs, as transactions are processed in real time and do not require intermediaries, such as card machines.

Another advantage is the possibility of offering exclusive benefits for Pix payments. As Pix is a more convenient and faster payment method, companies can offer discounts or cashback to encourage customers to use this payment method.


Advantages for companies

  • Receiving payments faster and more efficiently;
  • Reduction of transaction costs;
  • Possibility of offering exclusive benefits for payments with Pix;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Monitoring market trends and technological innovations.

Advantages for consumers

  • Faster and easier payments;
  • Greater practicality and convenience;
  • Possibility of receiving discounts and cashback when using Pix;
  • Greater security in financial transactions;
  • Less need to carry cash.

Pix First is the future

Pix First is the future of payments and financial transactions, and there's no doubt about it! It's a new era in which practicality, security and efficiency are the pillars for an incredible payment experience and financial transactions.

Imagine a world where companies prioritize Pix as a payment method, making the purchase process faster and easier, without the need to enter long credit card numbers or wait days for a ticket to clear. With Pix, everything is faster, more efficient and safer!


Therefore, if you want to simplify your sales, without sacrificing quality, OpenPix is the ideal choice! And don't forget, OpenPix is the world's first Pix First platform, an example of innovation and leadership in the financial market. Register Now




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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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