Become a OpenPix partner and help your customers sell more

Offer dynamic Pix, cashback, Pix Credit and much more to your customers.

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OpenPix Partner Program

Help your customer to sell

With OpenPix your customer can enhance the power of Pix and convert more customers.

Win & Wins

If your customer sells more, you earn more too.With alignment of interests all generate more results.

Start now

Without bureaucracy, you can register your customers and start trading the same day.

With OpenPix's support you can process millions of Pix, offer cashback and credit quickly and uncomplicated.


We are focused on expanding sales using all the power of the Pix network.Follow closely the main indicators of your customers and contribute to their growth with OpenPix.


The platform is constantly evolving.The contribution and suggestions of partners is a priority in our implementation and improvement roadmap.


Send your exclusive link to your customers or register them via panel and start using the platform immediately.

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Become a OpenPix partner

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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

Pix is a registered trademark of BACEN, EMV is a registered trademark of EMVco, QRCode is a registered trademark of Denso Wave.

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