Pix Webhook: Easy and Secure Integration with Webhooks for Pix Transactions

Integration module via Webhook

Webhook allow integration with your platform or eCommerce in real time

The Webhook plugin allows your platform to be notified in real time whenever a payment via Pix is made. To activate it, just generate a token in Slack and register as a webhook in the webhooks settings panel.

Once you've set up connectivity to the Webhook, just choose which events will be sent to the Webhook.

What is a webhook?

Webhook allows your platform or backend to asynchronously receive (that is, when things happen) information about transactions. In practice, it is a passive way of receiving information about Pix transactions between systems. This is very important for application resiliency, as it prevents your backend from having to deal with transaction pooling.

Additionally, a webhook (also known as a web callback or HTTP, plus API push) is a convenient way for an application or system to provide real-time information to other applications.

Likewise, it offers data to other applications and is very efficient for both the service provider and the consumer.

Use cases

  • eCommerce: Webhook in eCommerce is essential to improve the customer experience as it allows you to automate the status of orders in real time. All Ecommerce Plugins have a webhook for real-time reconciliation.
  • POS: Webhook for POS is essential for retailers to finalize sales in real time.
  • IoT: Webhook for internet of things allows to automate opening of gates, tolls, vending machines using real-time transactions.

Pricing automation relies on integration between Precifica | eCommerce and the system you use. Examples of systems used are virtual stores (e-commerce) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management systems, among others.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Due to the importance of webhooks for applications and customer experience, all OpenPix webhooks follow a very strict SLA and are monitored by all banks. In 99% of transactions, webhooks are sent within 1.5 seconds.



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