Carnê Pix: the practical and economical solution for recurring charges

Did you know that it is now possible to use the Carnê Pix to carry out recurring charges in a simple and practical way? Continue reading this article to better understand this new OpenPix feature and how it can help your business grow.


Pix is a means of payment that has already conquered Brazilians due to its ease and speed. Since it was launched in November 2020, it has moved more than 1 trillion reais in financial transactions, according to Central Bank data. Now, a new feature of Pix has been gaining ground among entrepreneurs: Carnê Pix.

Carnê Pix is an option for recurring charges, such as monthly fees, subscriptions and purchase installments. With it, the company can generate a set of weekly, biweekly or monthly charges, facilitating financial control and increasing revenue predictability.

In addition, Carnet Pix offers the option of discount for early payment, and interest and fine after the expiration of one of the payment book installments.

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What is Carne Pix?

Carnê Pix is an OpenPix feature that allows you to make recurring charges for Pix in a simple and practical way.

With it, it is possible to create a set of weekly, fortnightly or monthly charges, with the option of discount for early payment and interest and fine after the expiration of one of the installments of the booklet.

In practice, each sheet of the Pix booklet has a dynamic and specific QR Code for that installment, after payment confirmation is made in real time.

How does Carnet Pix work?

To use the Carnê Pix, the entrepreneur must access the OpenPix platform, click on the Subscriptions and Recurrence option, and create a New Carnê by filling in the customer's data, such as full name, CPF or CNPJ and the value of the installments.

It is possible to register as many installments as necessary, with the option of defining fixed or variable due dates.

When creating the Carnet Pix, the entrepreneur can offer a discount for early payment, encouraging the customer to settle the installments before the due date. If an installment is not paid on the scheduled date, the customer will be charged with interest and fine, according to the rules established by the company

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What are the benefits of Carne Pix?

In addition to the ease and practicality of carrying out transactions digitally, Carnê Pix offers the following advantages:

  • Revenue predictability: With Carnê Pix, it is possible to more accurately predict business revenue, since charges are recurring and fixed.
  • Financial control: Carnê Pix helps maintain financial control of the business, facilitating finance management and avoiding possible defaults.
  • Flexibility: Carnê Pix offers flexibility for the entrepreneur to define the number of installments, due dates and discount and interest options, according to the needs of the business and the customer.
  • Ease and practicality: Carnê Pix simplifies the billing process, eliminating the need to issue slips or other forms of payment. Everything can be done digitally, which streamlines the process and increases customer convenience.
  • Low cost: Carnê Pix has a lower cost than other forms of payment, such as bank slips. This translates into savings for both the company and the customer.
  • Security: Carnê Pix is a safe way to collect payments, as all transactions are protected by cryptography and other security measures. This increases customer and entrepreneur confidence in carrying out transactions.

If you are interested in creating the Carnet Pix in your business, get to know OpenPix! With the platform, it is possible to generate payment slips in a simple and practical way, in addition to having several features to facilitate the financial management of your business. Click here to register with OpenPix and start using Carnet Pix right now!




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