Pix charge with due date, fine and interest

What is Pix charge with maturity, fine and interest?

Since it was launched as a new means of payment in Brazil, Pix has been surprising with such success. There are millions of registered keys and more than half of the Brazilian population already uses this service daily, replacing old payment formats.

Just like the check sheet, which fell into disuse, the popularization of Pix has replaced both cash and payment on credit, debit and boleto cards.

Pix's success was so great that it dismembered new usage features. This is the case of Pix Cobrança with maturity, interest and fine, which appears as a new form of payment similar to bank slip.

Pix charge with due date, fine and interest, is, so to speak, a new payment method that offers a series of advantages for the day-to-day of companies at the time of collection:

  • Set a billing due date and allow payment after expiration
  • Add penalty and interest if the charge is overdue
  • Allow discounts if the customer pays in advance
  • Increases conversion rate and reduces bad debt

How does Pix charge with maturity, fine and interest?

Pix Collection with maturity, fine and interest works from the generation of a dynamic QR Code, which is a code generated exclusively for the charge in question. In this way, the company is able to add information such as due date, interest, fine and even discount in case of early payment.

This option is a great alternative for any and all collections that require payment, that is, payment in days. Examples:

  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • condos
  • internet providers
  • Utility bills (energy, sanitation, water, etc.)
  • And much more

Having the generated QR code in hand, just share it with the payer, who must scan it making the payment through their banking application.

The QR Code is a practical and agile solution, but there is no need to pay it urgently as with the traditional Pix, since an expiration date has been defined. However, if payment is not made by the stipulated date, the fine and interest begin to be calculated on the total amount charged.

That's why the Pix Collection with maturity, fine and interest is easily associated with bank slips, although it has even more advantages.

What are the differences between the traditional Pix (cob) and the Pix with fine and interest (cobv)?

The main difference is that Pix traditional billing is a immediate charge, which must be paid quickly and after its due date it is not possible to pay.

The Pix charge with due date, fine and interest does not have this need, as it works as a kind of title used as a charge, where the QR Code, when generated, already establishes a deadline for payment and after the due date it is still possible to a specified period, but the fine and interest are added to the amount charged.

In the Pix modality collection with maturity, fine and interest, it is still possible to offer a discount for payment before the established due date.

How to generate a pix charge with due date, fine and interest?

At OpenPix it's simple and easy, to use the Pix charge with due date, fine and interest, follow the steps below:

Important: When creating a charge with maturity, fine and interest, it is necessary to link a customer with a registered address and CPF/CNPJ. If the customer does not have the CPF/CNPJ address, a normal Pix charge will be created.


After setting up the Pix Charge with due date, fine and interest, all you have to do is create a charge normally.

Differences between Pix Charge with due date, fine and interest (Cobv) and Bank slip

There are several similarities between both procedures, but the Pix Collection with due date, fine and interest is in practice much more advantageous for shopkeepers as a means of collection than the bank slip.

Comparing the two formats, we can verify:

compensation time

A payment by bank slip can take up to 72 business hours for its compensation. In the case of Pix, charges due, fine and interest, the amount is received instantly, even on holidays and weekends.

issue rate

The bank slip has a cost to be issued, on average it varies between R$ 3.00 to R$ 20.00 per slip, which is charged according to the bank that makes the invoice. The fee is included in the value of the bill generated.

There is also an issue fee for Pix Collection with maturity, the average cost is bem menor que o custo do boleto, e na OpenPix você não paga por emissão, você só paga após o recebimento do pagamento.

personalized information

Both in the bank slip and in the Pix Collection with due date, it is possible to define data such as due date, interest and fine. However, the advantage presented by Pix CobV is the possibility of a discount on advance payment and the addition of additional information that the customer can see at the time of payment.

QR Code Printed or online

At OpenPix, the Pix Collection with Maturity QR Code can be generated online or printed. The printed version can be automatically inserted into invoices, invoices, thermal machines and much more. Meet.

Integration and API

By using OpenPix you can integrate Pix CobV with your ERP system, Ecommerce, financial platform, WhatsApp and much more, learn about our integrations.

Automatic confirmation of payment and receipt on time

With OpenPix you can follow the status of your charges in real time. In addition to receiving the amounts on the same day, including weekends and holidays.

Count on OpenPix for Pix payment due

OpenPix facilitates your day-to-day business with all the assistance and practicality, offering you the option of Pix collection with due date, fine and interest. Have the peace of mind of doing your business with many advantages for payments in Pix in cash or in installments, whether in virtual purchases or in physical places.

In addition to being available on the main market platforms, OpenPix prioritizes good service and builds customer loyalty with the possibility of instant cashback!

Count on OpenPix to sell more, Register now.




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