How can an internet provider use Pix for tuition?

Internet providers can use Pix to charge their monthly fees and assinaturas, garantindo praticidade e agilidade aos clientes. Neste artigo, vamos explorar como os provedores de internet podem utilizar o Pix nas mensalidades e os benefícios dessa prática.


With the arrival of Pix, internet providers gained a new payment option for their customers' tuition. Pix is an instant payment method that allows you to transfer amounts between accounts in a matter of seconds.

This new payment method brings numerous advantages to internet providers, who can use Pix to automate the monthly fee collection process and offer new payment options to their customers.

Pix benefits for internet providers

One of the main benefits of Pix is the practicality. With it, the end customer can pay their monthly fees in a few seconds, without having to leave home or use credit and debit cards.

Another important benefit is security. Pix transactions are encrypted and authenticated, ensuring the protection of customer and internet provider information.

Also, Pix is a much cheaper means of payment than other options, such as bank slips and credit cards. Which can generate savings for internet providers and their customers.

In summary:

  • Pix is already the main payment method for Brazilians
  • It's good for the customer and good for the company, because the transaction is instantaneous
  • Economy and agility


Pix with maturity discount, fine and interest

Another advantage of Pix is the possibility of offering discounts for payments in advance and charging fines and interest for late payments.

Learn more here: Billing with discount, maturity, fine and interest?

With Pix, you can create specific QR codes for each type of billing, allowing for more accurate and efficient billing.

Pix with a discount, maturity, fine and interest is an interesting option for internet providers, as it can encourage customers to pay their monthly fees on time.


OpenPix: the best platform to automate Pix monthly payments

OpenPix is a payment management platform that allows internet providers to automate the entire monthly fee collection process. With OpenPix, internet providers can create recurring charges, generate Pix payment slips along with invoices, create QR codes for Pix, and track the status of each payment in real time.

The OpenPix platform also allows for integration with customer management systems and customization of charges according to the needs of each internet provider.

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Pix + OpenPix = More sales for your provider

Using Pix for monthly fees is an advantageous option for internet providers. With the automation of the billing process and the possibility of offering discounts and charging fines and interest, it is possible to guarantee the efficiency and security of financial transactions.

In this sense, OpenPix positions itself as the ideal platform for internet providers that want to optimize the payment management process.

With its advanced technology, it is possible to automate collections in an efficient and personalized way, ensuring customer satisfaction and saving time and resources for providers. Register Now




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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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