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PIX Machine: See the thermal printers we recommend the most for you

Thermal printers are a great choice for printing labels, receipts and other small documents. They are known for their speed, print quality and low maintenance cost.

Among the most recommended thermal printers are:

1. Epson TM-T20X


Epson's economical TM-T20X thermal printer is versatile, has high reliability and easy-to-use functions such as quick load paper (drop-in), guillotine included and much more.

Some of the benefits of the TM-T20X are: low energy consumption, printer status monitoring, plus maintenance counters, which are excellent control tools. Its connection is via USB cable.

Price: from R$540 reais
Where to buy: Epson Store, [Amazon] (https://www.amazon.com.br/Impressora-T%C3%A9rmica-Epson-Tm-T20X-Serial/dp/B00ET3XL0K/) and Kabum

2. Haiz Shop HZ-5809DD


A HZ-5809DD is a portable model from Haiz Shop recommended for use in events or delivery establishments. The printer has a USB charger port, power button and three LED indicators for power level, charging and operation. The highlight is the compact workmanship and lightweight, which can make it easy to carry. The product also features Bluetooth connectivity.

Price: from R$300.00 reais
Where to buy: Loja Haiz Shop, Amazon and [Haiz Shop at Shopee](https:/ /shopee.com.br/Mini-Impressora-T%C3%A9rmica-Bluetooth-58-Mm-Sem-Wire-Recarreg%C3%A1vel-i.280650607.5461063327)

3. Jetway JP-800


The JP–800 printer has a robust design with a speed of 250mm/s. Handling the printer on a day-to-day basis is very simple, as it uses the Easy Load feature, which facilitates the quick change of the paper roll. With 3 interfaces being; ethernet, serial and USB in addition to having integration with the ESC/POS protocol. The JP-800 uses serration and guillotine resources, being recommended to use it in places that need agility in the generation and delivery of the coupon.

Price: from R$599.00 reais
Where to buy: Amazon and Kabum




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