Discover Automatic Pix: The Revolution in Recurring Payments with OpenPix

In an increasingly digital world, recurring payments needed an update. Introducing Pix Automático, the Brazilian Central Bank's response to an era where speed and practicality are fundamental.

What is Auto Pix

Pix Automatic is the new frontier of recurring payments. It allows companies to automatically charge for regular services such as streaming, telephony, schools and others directly from the customer's account. It is the innovation that combats bad debt and simplifies financial management.

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Automatic Pix vs Automatic Debit

While automatic debit involves sending payment information to banks, and is only available to a few companies, with Pix Automático, payments are made instantly, without the need to wait for bank compensation or lengthy bank-dependent processes.

Just like automatic debit, for Pix Automático to carry out recurring charges, only the end customer's consent is required.

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Benefits of Automatic Pix

  • faster payouts
  • Less default
  • Ease of use (it is enough for the end customer to authorize it)
  • Greater financial control
  • Integration with the OpenPix platform

Business Models that should use Automatic Pix

Pix Automático is especially useful for businesses that have recurring payments, such as gyms, streaming services, telephone operators, utility companies and others.

Pix Automático can also be used to pay for long-term purchases in installments, so Pix is increasingly consolidating itself as a better alternative to a credit card.

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Why OpenPix is the best platform for Auto Pix

At OpenPix, we don't settle for the status quo. We are always at the forefront of financial technology, and Pix Automático is proof of that. We offer security, efficiency and support, ensuring the best experience for you and your customers.

Enter the new era of payments with OpenPix's Automatic Pix. Be part of this revolution and transform the financial management of your business. register now with OpenPix e experimente o futuro hoje!

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