Pix with NF-e: Discover the perfect solution to streamline your business transactions

Pix revolutionized the way we carry out financial transactions in Brazil. Now, with Pix's integration with NF-e, companies can enjoy even more agility and efficiency in the process of issuing invoices and payments. In this article, we will explore the advantages of this combination and present OpenPix as the ideal solution for Pix with NF-e.


Advantages of Pix along with the Invoice

Pix's integration with the Invoice brings numerous benefits to companies:

Instant Transactions:

With Pix, payments and receipts occur in real time, streamlining your business' financial flow.

Reduction of errors and rework:

Automated integration between Pix and NF-e prevents typing errors and data inconsistencies, improving process efficiency.

Bank reconciliation facilitation:

The combination of Pix with NF-e allows for faster and more accurate bank reconciliation, simplifying transaction tracking.

Greater convenience for the customer:

Customers receive the NF-e and the generated Pix directly via email or WhatsApp, facilitating the payment process and ensuring greater satisfaction.


Benefits of OpenPix for Pix with NF-e

OpenPix offers a complete and intuitive platform for integrating Pix with NF-e, providing:

Simplified integration with management systems (ERP):

A API flexível e robusta da OpenPix facilita a integração com diversos ERPs, otimizando a experiência do usuário.

Specialized technical support:

OpenPix has a technical support team prepared to help with any questions or problems related to Pix with NF-e.

Easy issuance of invoices:

The platform allows the fast and simplified issuance of NF-e, NFS-e and NFP-e, adapting to the tax needs of your business.

Intuitive control panel:

Manage your Pix transactions and issuing invoices in one place, with an easy-to-use and optimized control panel.


Types of Invoices issued by OpenPix

OpenPix supports issuing different types of invoices, including:

  1. Electronic Invoice (NF-e): Used to document goods movement operations and provision of interstate and intercity transportation services.

  2. Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e): For the provision of services, issued and stored by city halls.

  3. Electronic Product Invoice (NFP-e): Issued for the sale of products, being stored by the Treasury Department (SEFAZ).

Are you ready to transform the fiscal and financial management of your business? Take advantage of OpenPix's efficiency and agility in integrating Pix with NF-e! Cadastre-se agora mesmo e descubra como simplificar suas operações, proporcionando uma experiência incrível para seus clientes.




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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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