Pix for Recurrence: Why Use Pix in Subscriptions?

Pix Recurrent, also known as Pix signature, is a method that makes payment via Pix possible for recurring charges, for example:

  • Academy
  • School
  • internet provider
  • Software
  • Between others.

With Recurring Pix, you just need to configure the payment rules and schedule the charges that must be made. On the previously determined date, the charge will be automatically sent to the customer.

This type of charge is ideal for any business that has a product or service with a defined timeframe, so the recurring pix can be configured at different frequencies:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • fortnightly
  • Bimonthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • every 45 days
  • And much more

With OpenPix, creating and configuring subscription plans is simple and easy, and the best: we help you charge customers with notifications via email, SMS and WhatsApp: Register now.

Why use Pix for recurring charges?

The use of Pix in recurrence is already becoming popular in the market. There are a number of benefits and advantages for businesses and consumers alike:

Pix is the most used payment method in Brazil

Pix is already part of the payment habit of Brazilians. The consumer, in a short time, got used to Pix, nothing more natural than offering services and products that can be paid instantly.


Pix transactions are carried out in up to 10 seconds, and your company receives it instantly.

Reduces bad debt

With the Pix subscription from OpenPix we help you automatically charge customers via email, whatsapp and sms. In this way, we remind the customer that the payment deadline is approaching and if he does not pay, we generate automatic collection alerts.

More conversion

Due to its immediate format, Pix helps to increase the payment conversion rate, which reduces subscription defaults. If default occurs, once it is resolved, the subscription is easily reactivated in a few seconds.


Pix is online and independent of banking business hours, being available 24 hours a day throughout the year, even working on holidays.

Believe me: Many Brazilians still need to go to the bank or lottery outlets to make a payment, the possibility of using Pix is already a great convenience.

Less fees:

At OpenPix you only pay 0.8% per paid transaction, no monthly fees, no cost to generate charges, or other hidden fees.

How to use, in practice, the OpenPix signature Pix?

At OpenPix you can use recurring billing in 4 ways:

Direct on the platform

Within the platform, in the Signatures option, it is possible to create and manage all signatures.

API for Recurring Pix

You can also automate the creation of signatures with our API, Click Here para ver documentation técnica.

Integrated into physical invoices

You can integrate Pix billing QRcodes into printed invoices, for example: Whenever an invoice is printed, you can add a space for the billing QRCode.

This feature is widely used by energy and sanitation utilities, internet providers and much more.

Carnet Pix

It is also possible to generate a complete booklet on the platform with all the charges for your subscription. That way you can physically hand over all bills to your customer.

This modality is used by schools, courses and financing companies.

Guaranteed Pix and automatic debit Pix

Pix Garantido is a new instant payment function in which it is possible to schedule and pay in installments even if there is not enough balance in the account.

As its name suggests, the financial institution will be responsible for ensuring that the transfer is made.

In Pix automatic debit, the customer can authorize the direct payment of recurring Pix charges. Similar to direct debit, popular for water and energy bills.

With Pix automatic debit, the customer only needs to allow it once, and the installments will be paid automatically using the available balance.

Pix is on OpenPix

Today, Pix signature is already a reality for more than 5,000 active companies. Make your registration now and take the opportunity to sell more with Pix on OpenPix. Cadastre-se agora e conheça.




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