Pix Magento 1: Meet OpenPix Plugin and revolutionize your sales

If your virtual store uses Magento 1 as an e-commerce platform, you need to know nosso plugin which enables payment via Pix in this system.

Simple and easy, after integration to the platform, the plugin manages automatically process the collection and receipt of requests for purchase by Pix in real time.

made.In addition, it implements the Webhook (resource that makes it possible to send data simultaneously between two different systems or applications) to for orders to be updated as soon as payments are made

Below, we explain the benefits that your business will have when adopting the Pix plugin and how to enable it.

Pix's influence on your business billing

Offering more payment methods in your virtual store favors both you as your customer. After all, by diversifying the payment method, you make purchasing a product more accessible, and this influences directly increase your monthly billing.

Because, just imagine, the customer was interested in the product, clicked to put it in the virtual cart, but when finalizing the purchase the available payment methods did not contemplate it. What will happen? Naturally, he will give up taking the goods.

And Pix is the new darling of Brazilians. In addition to being easy, fast and without schedule restrictions, it promotes inclusão financeira. Sabe aquela pessoa que não tem cartão de crédito? Ela pode ter Pix. E ai, todo mundo sai ganhando. Principalmente a receita da sua empresa.

Pix's success is such that Brazil rose from eighth to fourth position in the world ranking of real-time transactions, made up of 53 countries, according to estudo realizado pela empresa de softwares de pagamentos ACI Worldwide.

The survey is led by India, China and Thailand, countries populous and pioneers in this type of payment.

Why should I use Pix on my Magento 1 platform?

e-commerce, such as Magento-based online stores.As we have seen, due to its practicality, simplicity and, mainly due to the increase in sales, Pix is an immediate success and has been gaining more and more followers, including in the means of payment of

All this in real time.OpenPix's Pix plugin for Magento easily and quickly integrates with its platform and, once installed, automatically manages the operations of your orders via Pix.

Another advantage of the plugin is that it natively runs the Webhook to that orders are updated as paid as soon as the customer makes the payment. transaction.

See all the benefits below:

Pix Magento for billing customers

  • Plugin integrated with Magento.
  • Generation of QRCodes in real time.
  • Monitoring transactions in real time.
  • Webhook.
  • Real-time advancement of the order in your e-commerce automatically.

Pix Magento Return and Refund

  • Return of amounts to customers in case of reimbursement, problems with shipment of goods.
  • Refund also via Pix.

Faça o seu cadastro na OpenPix.

How to integrate Pix into Magento 1 platform?

By connecting your e-Commerce platform, based on Magento1, to OpenPix, it will immediately reconcile your virtual store, the OpenPix and its Bank.

Then, after connecting your OpenPix account, it is possible to charge customers in real time with QrCodes Pix, send Payment Links and manage charges, including chargebacks.

Check how to install the plugin:

  1. Download the .zip version of the plugin from the link Download OpenPix Magento1 Plugin - última versão -

    Current version).

  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file and cole dentro da pasta root da sua loja Magento1. Geralmente a loja root é nomeada como src que faz referência à source. Caso sua loja seja diferente, procure pela pasta que contenha extensões diferentes.

  3. Configure the Magento 1 Plugin (Entre em Magento1 Admin -> System > Configuration > Sales (side menu) > Payment Methods e selecione OpenPix).

  4. Create the Webhook within the OpenPix Platform (Register the Webhook that will be responsible for updating your Magento1 store when a Pix charge is paid).

During the process you will need to create an appID, create a Webhook and a integration password for it, as well as other necessary settings. Therefore, it is essential that you read this document carefully: Click Here.

Once Pix is enabled, you will have all the advantages of an integration with generation of QRCode and Pix Copy and Paste and will drastically reduce the time of order management.

Is Pix safe?

With regard to technology, Pix is a secure method of payment.

All your transactions, according to the Banco Central, trafegam na rede do Sistema Financeiro Nacional (SFN), que usa tecnologias seguras para criptografia e a autenticação digital dos pagamentos.

With OpenPix we confirm receipt in real time, which reduces possibility of fraud.

What is Magento?

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform around the world. She is used by over 315,000 online stores in 50 countries. The system offers core code and hundreds of optional components that enhance or replace this core product.

Its great differential is that it is open source, allowing anyone with programming knowledge use the system and make modifications.

In Brazil, large companies such as Riachuelo, Nestlé and Droga Raia use Magento for selling online. Among the international brands are Nike, Land Rover and Burger King.

Conheça a OpenPix e utilize nossa plataforma para o seu negócio vender muito mais.

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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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