Transform your business with Split Pix - more efficiency and savings in your sales!

With the ease of transferring money in real time, Pix has been widely used in different situations, whether it be paying a restaurant bill, splitting the rent, shopping and much more.

However, a feature that has caught the attention of users is Split Pix, which allows you to quickly and easily divide the value of a purchase between several people or companies. In this article, we will explain what Split Pix is and how this functionality works, in addition to presenting the OpenPix como a melhor plataforma para processar pagamentos Pix e realizar o Split Pix.


What is SplitPix?

Split Pix is an OpenPix feature that allows you to divide the value of a sale between several companies and people. In this way, it is possible to receive a payment and divide it in time among the participants.

For example, imagine that you sell solar energy projects that include equipment, electrical engineering design and installation: Upon receiving a payment of R$ 20,000.00 by OpenPix, it is possible to divide this amount:

BRL 10,000 for the equipment distributor BRL 5,000 for the engineering company BRL 5,000 for the installation company

Split Pix with OpenPix can be split to as many participants as you need, this process can be configured on the platform or in our Pix API, saiba mais.


How does Split Pix work?

Split Pix works quite simply. When someone wants to make a sale and divide the amount between several participants, they just use OpenPix to receive that payment. At the time of payment, the total amount is automatically divided between the chosen people and companies and each one receives an individualized payment.

That way, each participant can receive their share of the amount, without having to make separate transfers or deal with tax issues. In addition, the company that generates the primary charge can choose the percentage that each participant will receive, which can be useful in business models for marketplaces or companies that have multiple links.

Which businesses should use Split Pix?

Split Pix can be useful in several business models, such as:

  • Marketplaces: in a marketplace, several stores can sell their products on the same platform. In this case, the split pix can be used to split the payment for a purchase between the selling store and the marketplace itself, automatically and securely.
  • Commission sales: Imagine paying the sales commission instantly through Split Pix? When the customer pays the amount is already divided between the company and the seller.
  • Restaurants and bars: in a restaurant or bar, the split pix can be used to divide the bill between several links. Like waiters, couriers, and others.
  • Shared services: in shared services, such as renting cars, bicycles or accommodation, the split pix can be used to divide the payment between platforms and vehicle owners.


Main benefits of Split Pix

  • Ease: Split Pix makes the payment split process quick and easy, eliminating the need for prior agreements or manual transfers.
  • Security: Pix is a secure means of payment and Split Pix allows payment to be made directly into the recipients' account, without the need to share specific bank details.
  • Transparency: with Split Pix, all participants in the payment division have access to information on the total amount of the purchase and how much each one will pay.
  • Cost reduction: Split Pix can reduce transaction costs, as there is no need for intermediaries.
  • Conciliation: OpenPix's Split Pix allows automated reconciliation of payments, facilitating the company's financial management.
  • Tax benefits: Split Pix can bring tax benefits, as payment can be made directly into the recipients' account, without going through intermediaries that could generate additional costs.


Why use OpenPix to process Pix payments and perform Split Pix?

OpenPix is a payment platform that offers several features to facilitate the payment process between people and companies. In addition to being a safe and reliable option for making transfers and payments, OpenPix also allows you to perform Split Pix in a simple and fast way.

When using OpenPix to process Pix payments and perform Split Pix, you are guaranteed that the transaction will be done safely and quickly. The platform has encryption and advanced security features that ensure the protection of your data and your money throughout the process.

In addition, OpenPix offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which facilitates the payment process and Split Pix realization. You can choose the participants who will share the amount, define the percentage that each one will pay and carry out the instant transaction. register now on OpenPix




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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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