Boost your sales with Pix on Woocommerce.

O WooCommerce é um plugin de WordPress para criação de lojas virtuais a partir de códigos abertos que permitem que sua loja virtual fique com a cara da sua empresa.

Developed in 2011, and acquired by WordPress four years later, the plugin ranked first as the most used e-commerce platform in the world, according to Builtwith.

In WooCommerce it is possible to sell any type of product or service, ranging from infoproducts and content subscriptions to durable items. In addition, it has integration with the most varied forms of payment.

This includes both traditional modes such as credit card, debit card and bank slip, and now: The Pix. So if you want to boost your business, stay with us and find out how to get great results using Pix in WooCommerce. Let's go?

Pix on WooCommerce with OpenPix plugin

As mentioned above, WooCommerce allows dynamic payment, as there are more than 140 ways you can make it available to your customers. And Pix, instant payment that is increasingly popular in Brazil, becomes an option there.

Since its launch, Pix has reached billions of transactions. To have a parameter, on the eve of Mother's Day this year (2022), he broke a transfer record. Foram mais de 73 milhões de operações em um único dia.

Hence the importance of having this alternative in your business. Because in addition to the transactions being completed in seconds and the amounts paid available at the time, Pix reduces cases of withdrawal by the customer - compared to paying for slips, for example -, thus increasing your sales.

Also, as it is an instant payment method, the risks of fraud are lower. This is because the chargeback request, as with credit card companies, is not applied to Pix. Thus, the chances of the consumer acting in bad faith are zero.

The most practical way to include the new payment method in an active WooCommerce environment is through specific plugins. And OpenPix makes this available to you.

Our plugin performs real-time reconciliation between your Bank and your e-Commerce, allows you to configure WooCommerce order expiration, allows you to select what the status should be when a new order is generated or paid, etc.

Other advantages of adopting it are the possibility of programming tools for registration and the correct management and maintenance of your customers' Pix address keys.

View all opportunities:

  • Plugin integrated with WooCommerce.
  • Plugin integrated with WooCommerce.
  • Generation of QRCodes in real time.
  • Settlement tracking with your bank.
  • Monitoring transactions in real time.
  • Real-time advance of the order in your e-commerce automatically.
  • Return of amounts to customers in case of chargeback, problems with shipping goods.
  • webhooks
  • Sales indicators and statistics

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How to install Pix in WooCommerce?

To install it, follow the steps below:

1 - Install the OpenPix Plugin in your WooCommerce instance by clicking here.

2 - Configure the WooCommerce Plugin by going to WooCommerce -> Settings > Payments.

3 - After activating payment with Pix, click on the Manage button next to it.

4 - Register an API-type AppID.

5 - Customize the Title, Description and Text of the Order Button.

6 - After adding your appID, click Configure now with one click to configure or create your Webhook (resource that allows you to send data in real time between two different systems or applications).

Finally, complete the rest of the requested settings. Once you integrate WooCommerce with Pix, it will be feasible to charge customers in real time with Pix QrCodes, send Payment Links and manage charges. Everything safely.

access this documento com a explicação completa a respeito da integração.

How Pix Works

One of Pix's great benefits is payment agility. Instead of asking for the recipient's agency, account and personal data, just ask for the Pix Key, which is the preferred identification. This key can be the CPF, CNPJ, phone number, email, a random key or a QR Code. In the case of virtual stores, the use of QR Code improves the user experience.

There are two QR Code options. Static, in which the same code is used in several transactions and the amount is defined by the payer or a fixed amount. And the dynamic one, more suitable for online purchases, as the code generated is unique for each payment and has all the necessary information.

The power of online sales

One of the paths to success for a business is to explore different commercial channels, including the virtual store.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer habits have changed. According to data from pesquisa Novos Hábitos Digitais em Tempos de Covid-19 da Sociedade Brasileira de Varejo e Consumo (SBVC), 60% dos consumidores que já compravam pela internet intensificaram o volume de compras on-line nesse período.

As for the perspective on the future, the projection is that the habit of buying online will remain strong, even after the end of the pandemic.

A terceira rodada do estudo da Visa sobre Preferências do Consumidor durante a COVID-19 na América Latina e no Caribe, por exemplo, apontou que quase metade dos consumidores usa a internet para fazer compras uma ou várias vezes por mês e 71% esperam manter essa frequência.

Thus, with the growth of e-commerce, positioning yourself in this space can increase your business's revenue.




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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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