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Power your Vtex store with the OpenPix plugin and offer fast and secure payment via Pix

Optimize your payments with the OpenPix plugin: the perfect solution to integrate Pix with your Vtex platform

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With the Pix Plugin for Vtex you get the money right away

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Pix Vtex with the best platform

Integrate Pix into your Vtex store with the OpenPix plugin. Increase your sales by offering fast and secure payments. Guaranteed control and security in transactions. Optimize your business with the perfect Pix Vtex solution. Try OpenPix now!

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Frequently asked questions

Integration is simple and easy. Simply install the OpenPix plugin in your Vtex store and follow the instructions to configure Pix as your payment option.

Yes, the OpenPix plugin guarantees security in Pix Vtex transactions. It uses advanced encryption protocols and adheres to Vtex's security guidelines.

By using the OpenPix plugin, you provide your customers with a fast and convenient payment option. Also, you can track transactions and have full control over payments.

Yes, the OpenPix plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the Pix to suit your Vtex store branding, providing a consistent payment experience.

Control and security in Pix Vtex transactions with the OpenPix plugin

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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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