Pix Woocommerce: OpenPix Plugin for Wordpress

Integration module via WordPress

WordPress plugin allows integration with your website in real time

The OpenPix plugin for WordPress allows you to sell with Pix right on your WordPress site. The platform notifies you of your sales in real time whenever a payment via Pix is made.

The plugin can be integrated with sales systems such as Woo commerce, or even static content-only websites. Or also on single-product portals and websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress lets you create complex websites, creative content, and even ecommerce portals. The Openpix platform has numerous integration strategies with Workpress. Allowing your Pix transactions to be received and reconciled in real time. This is very important for application resiliency, as it prevents your backend from having to deal with transaction pooling.

Use cases

  • eCommerce: WordPress in eCommerce is essential to improve the customer experience as it allows you to automate the status of orders in real time. All eCommerce Plugins have WordPress for real-time reconciliation.
  • Content Sites: WordPress with content sites can be integrated directly via the javascript plugin, facilitating integration and reducing development/maintenance costs.
  • Sites MonoProduto: WordPress for single-product sales strategies can be integrated with the Pix plugin, even allowing sales without registration, or 1click sales.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Due to the importance of WordPresss for applications and customer experience, all OpenPix WordPresss follow a very strict SLA and are monitored by all banks. In 99% of transactions WordPresss are sent within 1.5 seconds.



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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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