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OpenPix's Real Time functionality allows you to receive updates on your Pix transactions in real time. With this feature, you can monitor all your transactions, including incoming and outgoing payments, in real time. This brings many benefits to your business

  • Transparency You have immediate access to the latest information about each transaction, including amounts, dates and other important information.

  • Fast Decision Making With real-time information, you can make decisions faster and more accurately.

  • Cash flow management You can manage cash flow more effectively by knowing exactly when payments are being processed and received.

  • Ease of Reconciliation Real-time updates make it easy to reconcile your transactions and identify discrepancies or errors.

  • Security With real-time updates, you can quickly detect and respond to suspicious activity or fraud.

With OpenPix's Real Time functionality, you have immediate access to the latest information about your Pix transactions, allowing you to manage your business more effectively. Try it now and see how easy it is to monitor your transactions in real time with OpenPix.


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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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