Split Pix: Sell with Pix and split the values instantly

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Split your sales automatically with Split Pix

Split Pix allows the automatic and immediate division of sales between two or more recipients, being perfect for marketplaces or operations involving multiple recipients

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Operations with multiple recipients? Split Pix is the perfect solution

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Payment Split via Pix

Split Pix is the missing tool to simplify transactions in marketplaces and operations with multiple receivers. With it, you can automatically and instantly divide sales between two or more beneficiaries, facilitating financial management and providing greater efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Split Pix works through integration with the OpenPix system, allowing the automatic and instantaneous division of sales values between two or more recipients. By configuring the division rules in the system, the value is automatically distributed among the beneficiaries, according to predefined percentages, facilitating financial management.

Split Partner is a feature that allows the automatic and immediate application of fees by a partner company on all charges made by affiliated companies. Through this system, the partner company can configure and add a markup to the fee charged to its affiliates. On the affiliate`s statement, this fee appears as a debit, while the partner company sees this fee as credit on its own statement. This feature provides transparent, efficient, and simplified financial management, facilitating the business relationships between partner companies and their affiliates. It is an innovation that combines the power of Split Payment with business partnerships, checkout documentation on Split Partner here: https://developers.woovi.com/docs/split/split-partner

You can create charges with split transactions to accounts register to your company or accounts registered to affiliate companies in the partner system, see more here: https://woovi.com/partners/

Split Pix is designed to be compatible with most marketplaces and operations involving multiple payees. However, it is important to check each platform's specifications and integration requirements to ensure full compatibility and proper functioning.

The fees and charges involved when using Split Pix follow the same fees as OpenPix, no extra fees are charged on top of split transactions, you can check it here: https://openpix.com.br/pricing

The security of transactions carried out through Split Pix is guaranteed by its integration with the OpenPix system, which has advanced security and encryption protocols to protect users' financial information. In addition, it is essential to follow good security practices.

Automatic and instant split: choose Split Pix

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OpenPix is a digital payment management platform. It is used by companies that want to connect payment methods with their customers.

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